Saturday, December 24, 2011

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Beta / Final

Malware bytes goes where your normal AV has failed. This little gem of antivir software has saved me on several occasions. Its very light, very small, and a life-saver to put it simple. Malwarebytes has unique scanning features which allow it to catch even the most elusive troublemakers on your PC, I recommend it from personal experience. The program has a free and shareware version, the free one is good enough and provides excelent remedy for a sore windows, the shareware provides active defense and scanning. I've been unable to try the shareware version, but if the freeware is any clue, it should be more than worth it.

The latest version can be found here.

Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.7 Beta 1 / 2.6.1 Final

What used to be Mozilla Aplication Suite is now SeaMonkey. New name, new project and also - new team. Its a a fine heir to Mozilla, all things considered. The packet includes all the tools for working on the net, browser, html redactor, email and news clients, address books and irc. Add ons and plug ins can personalize each fresh install and the browse is fast and fairly stable - decent choice for surfing the web. Do I even have to mention its open source? 

 You may download the Windows version here.

The linux version is here.

Aaand the MacOS?

Right here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gigabyte LUXO X10

Gigabyte shows us a new gaming PC box, designed for maximum efficiency and no compromise to heat. Nope, none at all.

Its 440x180x430 at around 5.5 kg with adjustable HDD/ODD to allow placing bigger video-cards. Up to 4 dvds and 4 HDDs can be installed with 2 USB 3.0  and 2 audio ports on the front panel. It comes with (yes again) 4 120mm fans and holes for  water cooling ready, with the side structure designed for air circulation efficiency. I'm not saying it can cool your beer, but it definitely won't warm up your pizza. Unfortunately the price tag is yet to be attached...