Monday, October 31, 2011

WinSCP 5.0.4 Beta / 4.3.5 Final

WinSCP is a program that allows you to upload using a protected SFTP. Connection is made through a SSH(Secure Shell), and the program is priceless for administrating distant machines. Interface is similar to Windows Commander, divided into two parts showing yours and the other machine involved, so if you've used WC you will have no problems with WinSCP. It has all basic file control options and as an added bonus - is a free open source project.

WinSCP can be downloaded here.

Registry Mechanic

Registry mechanic will allow you to sweep, fix and optimise your OS registry with just a few clicks. It uses a number of algorithms to find missing, misleading or broken registry keys which can lead to non-existent objects and cause problems to your OS. Keeping your registry clean is always a good idea, as it will keep your performance up. Its also capable of defragmenting registries which will be another boost to performance and stability. Pretty much the only problem with it, is that its, yes you guessed it, a shareware.

You can download Registry Mechanic here:

Seagate might regain the top spot in the HDD market

Seagate might become the biggest HDD manufacturer in the world again, after losing the leadership in number of devices sold to Western Digital.  The company's assessment is, that the 4th quarter of the year will see about 40-50 million devices produced instead of 55 million due to parts deficit. Two WD factories have stopped temporarily due to flooding and won't resume normal productivity for another 4-6 months. They were providing roughly half of the company's total output . This handicap gives Seagate a chance to reclaim its first place as announced by, since its own Thailand factories are working at full capacity.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weather Watcher Live 7.0.95

Considering that Winter is coming, Weather Watcher Live ain't a bad idea, since it allows you monitor weather in any point of the world. The program updates in real time from the internet and always presents up to date info.
Its easily integrated in the system tray of Windows OS. and can give future prognosis as well. Its unfortunately a shareware, but as we all know, most things in life are not free.

You can download Weather Watcher Live from here:


A mostly automated shareware photo editor, supposedly requiring allmost no experience, even your grandmother should be able to use it. Employs highly accurate internal algorithms to analyse and improve every photo, making it more realistic by removing all defects found. Fixed all elements of digital photography - contrast, colour, balance, you name it. Its capable of group editing too.

You can download it here:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Xinorbis 6.0.15b

Xinorbis is a small hard disc/folder/partition analysis program. Don't let its size and freeware status fool you, its decent and capable of in-depth reports. If you are not sure just how exactly did you use up  a 1 TB hard disc, this is the way to find out. You will be able to see the structure, content and order of your files in graphic and text reports which can also be exported in HTML, ASCII or XML format.

The program can be downloaded here:

Advanced Renamer 3.15

Because come on, those 400 photos can take an age to rename by hand!

Advanced renamer 3.15 is a tool for group renaming of files, done automatically in 6 different ways, changing not only the file names, but attributes too - EXIF info, ID2 and ID3 tags and so on. If an error occurs the program can rollback some or all the changes. It's freeware, available in a multi-language interface.

The program  can be downloaded here:
And for portables it can be downloaded here

Friday, October 28, 2011

From the makers of Comodo antivirus - the Comodo Dragon browser

Ah, Comodo antivirus - the AV that turns your PC into a virtual police state if you let it so. While it does require the user's attention a lot at least in the start until you've unblocked all your favorite programs games and so on, Comodo AV's "draconian"(hehe) measures are definitely effective and its one of the better freeware AVs on the market.
Now those same gentlemen have released their own browser - the Comodo dragon, which incorporates the best of their code. What better way to stay safe, when your browser is an AV program in its own right?

The Comodo browser can be downloaded here.

Size does equal success - 1/3 of Google's products have failed

While Google is an indisputable giant, from 251 products released so far since 1998, 36% or 90 have so far been deemed a failed experiment. A ratio of 1 market failure per 2 successes makes many think that Google

 purposely entered some of these niches simply to test them, basically going after everything knowing that some projects will inevitably be faulty, but the rest will thrive with a fair ammount of trial and error in the way.
So far the formula seems to work for Google. When competitors like Microsoft invested billions in various product offers of Bing, Google has multiple alternatives. 

   Still, ccriticism of this practice is somewhat justified, and not coincidentally the past failures of Google would affect Google +. Google had nothing of similar scale to Gmail for a while. A possible Google + meltdown might sever Google's ambitions to develop as more than a search engine.

Source - 

Seems to be in working order...

Well, time for the "grand" unveiling so to speak :) It was a long road for me, and I guess it will be longer still.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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